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Envera Interactive Is A New Developer And Publisher Of Video Games And Graphic Novels. Envera Interactive Was Established In 2005 And Hopes To Quickly Become One Of The Most Popular And Well-Respected Developers Of Next-Gen Entertainment. At Envera We Focus On Fantasy / Sci-Fi Games And Comics And Are Dedicated To Telling Unique, Character Driven Stories That Will Captivate Our Fans For Years To Come.

“Our Values As A Company Are To Respect Our Audience, Create Thorough Qualities Of Work And To Stomp Out This Cancerous Obsession Of In-App-Purchases Which Is Killing Our Industry Bit By Bit.” –Julian Moretti, Producer @ Envera Interactive.

The BloodWar™ Universe

In the next coming year Envera plans to release its first fantasy-horror graphic novel THE BLOOD WAR CHRONICLES, A story about an isolated outpost in a remote northern province of a long decaying empire. When one of the elders is found dead, strange occurrences start to unfold. The sounds of demons begin howl in the night and children start vanishing without a sound. Who will save the town from internal conspiracy and the possible blood thirsty attack of demons?

The Amy Angel™ Universe

Set ten years ahead of the current date, THE AMY ANGEL SERIES tells the tale of Amy, an orphan from a young age who is taken in by a mysterious man named Barnabus Korrum. As she grows, secrets are discovered which lead Amy down a road she never expected to follow. Loosely based on a true story, Amy becomes an assassin for a Japanese security force which, in turn, leads to a path right back to her childhood, and to the men that left her an orphan.

Dragon Feeder™ Universe

As Envera's first entry into the gaming market, DRAGON FEEDER is a side scrolling, fantasy game where a boy is tasked with appeasing a menacing dragon which has been terrorising their town for many months. The dragon, which lived in a cave up top a volcano, regularly stalks the town for people and supplies to hoard and eat. When the volcano suddenly erupts, the hoard of goods the dragon has stashed rain from the sky. As a boy from the village, collect this falling food, feed the dragon, and keep it at bay so that your small village may finally live in peace.


Erika Richard

Erika Richard

Julian Moretti

Julian Moretti

Ofek Coopman

Ofek Coopman



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Envera strives to make the best quality video game and graphic novel experiences on the market. We are about passionate craftsmanship; putting heart and soul into everything we produce. Our purpose, and responsibility to those who enter our imagination is adventure, excitement, and above all... fun! Envera vows to put user appreciation first. With a company focused on emersion, Envera is your one stop shop for quality entertainment and an experience you'll never forget.

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